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Wednesday, 7 September 2011

Muzammil Walks the Talk

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Muzammil: President of PMUKM

PMUKM is in the process of implementing its Government Transformation Programme in order to improve the quality of public services, increase efficiency, and make government more transparent. Specific measures include the use of Key Performance Indicators to measure the performance of Student Representative Council and bureau and National Key Result Areas to define goals for specific areas of student policy.
Under Muzammil the PMUKM government has implemented many measures to increase transparency and government accountability. These measures include the use of Key Performance Indicators (KPI) to hold Student Representative Council accountable for their work, using new media such as Twitter and Facebook to communicate with students about happenings in the university, opening previously closed PMUKM government tenders to increased public participation and scrutiny, and soliciting public feedback on PMUKM government spending.
Official Logo of PMUKM
In order to keep his promise to make government smaller and more efficient President Muzammil has abolished eight bureau while creating the one of the most important bureau that is Bureau of Welfare.According to the pillars that was agrees for this session are the following below.
1) Sustainability of student welfare agenda 
2) Academic freedom and intellectual dynamism 
3) Human development and leadership with integrity
4) Social justice ang global colloboration

Ultimately, PMUKM is for all student UKM. We must work towards a holistic change of establishment of minds.


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